Here is a press statement from RWC-340B president Shannon Stephenson regarding the recent actions taken by drug manufacturers Lilly, Novartis, Merck, Sanofi, and Astra Zeneca.  In the statement, RWC-340B calls on Congress, HHS, and HRSA to stop these manufacturers from restricting access to 340B savings, restrictions that (1) thwart Congress’ and the agencies’ oversight responsibility, (2) undermine the integrity of the 340B program, and (3) threaten access to the care 340B covered entities provide to vulnerable patient populations.

We encourage you to share this statement with your organization, post on social media, share with local news outlets, and send to any of our allies.  Here is the link to our STATEMENT and our CHART of these manufacturer actions and covered entity responses, both of which are posted on our website.