Earlier this month, Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) toured the clinic of RWC-340B member AIDS Care Group (ACG), located in Chester, PA.   During Rep. Scanlon’s visit, the ACG team discussed the 340B program and shared stories about how the 340B program helps them to serve their patient population.  Elected to Congress in a special election in February 2018, Rep. Scanlon said that she is learning about the program.

On-site visits provide an invaluable opportunity for RWC-340B members to show their Congressional representatives the important work they do for HIV/AIDS patients and to discuss the role of the 340 program  in treatment. Congratulations to ACG for communicating to Rep. Scanlon about the importance of 340B for HIV/AIDS patients!

ACG is one of the largest and most comprehensive fully dedicated HIV/AIDS service providers in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  ACG provides a range of comprehensive services, including the testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STDs, and Opioid Use Disorders. Pictured below are members of ACG’s team with Rep. Scanlon, including Dr. Howell Strauss, one of RWC-340B’s founders and its first president.

For more information about Aids Care Group, visit their website at www.aidscaregroup.org.