HRSA announced changes to the 2019 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR)  to require data on patients whose services are funded through Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) program income or rebates, along with other changes.  HRSA stated that CAREWare software will be updated to allow the data collection beginning January 2020.  HRSA is requiring RWHAP entities that already collect this information to comply for the 2019 RSR (submitted March 2020) and is requiring RWHAP entities that do not already collect this information to comply for the 2021 RSR (submitted March 2022).   The HRSA document includes additional details about the changes.

HRSA initially proposed these changes in October, 2018.   RWC-340B commented on the proposal, expressing concern over the increased administrative burden to Ryan White clinics associated with the reporting, the fact that HRSA’s software CAREWare did not permit such reporting, and HRSA’s lack of clarity on both the extent of the new reporting requirement and the phase-in period.  HRSA’s announcement indicates that it listened to at least some of RWC-340B’s concerns by planning changes to the CAREWare software and allowing a phase-in.