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RWC-340B Statement Regarding ASAP 340B Core Principles

After carefully considering the ASAP 340B discussion draft and accompanying materials, RWC-340B is opposed to the proposal as written.  We are especially concerned that the proposal misinterprets and reformulates the intent of the program and undermines the reach of the 340B Drug Pricing Program, favoring drug manufacturers who are making astronomical profits at the expense of safety net providers.  The 340B Drug Pricing Program is essential to assist Ryan White clinics (RWCs) in achieving their mission of caring for low-income and vulnerable patients living with HIV/AIDS and stopping transmission of HIV.  We commit to working with all covered entities to protect the 340B Drug Pricing Program, opposing any threats to the program that jeopardize our patients’ access to care and quality of life.
Shannon Burger, RWC-340B President

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