The RWC-340B Benefactor Program provides organizations that do not provide direct patient care an opportunity to support the coalition’s mission. We are currently engaged in advocacy to protect against, among other things, discriminatory reimbursement practices by private payers and government efforts to narrow the definition of a 340B eligible patient, to limit contract pharmacy arrangements and to treat all 340B-related revenue as program income.

The Benefactor Program offers six participation levels with varying benefits. For more information about the Benefactor Program levels and corresponding benefits, view our benefactor benefits guide. To become a member, please apply using this RWC-340B Benefactor Application. Participation is subject to approval by the RWC-340B Executive Committee.

  • RWC-340B Benefactors are not voting Members of RWC-340B.
  • RWC-340B is a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to RWC-340B are not tax deductible donations for purposes of the IRS.