Who We Are

Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access, or RWC-340B, is a national organization of HIV/AIDS medical providers receiving support under the Ryan White CARE Act. RWC-340B was organized in 2013 by a group of providers seeking ways to preserve the benefits of the 340B program. Since its inception, RWC-340B has expanded to include 60 organizations located in 24 states.

  • The organization is led by a board, executive committee and various ad hoc committees.
  • All members of RWC-340B have equal representation on the board, and all members are encouraged to be involved with committees within the organization and outside lobbying efforts.
  • Members of RWC-340B work together to advocate for the interests of fellow 340B Ryan White providers. This includes active lobbying in state and federal arenas, as well as fostering relationships with Senators and Representatives.
  • Our members work together to provide training and assistance on how to best deliver a unified message.

RWC-340B is only as strong as its members. There is strength in numbers so we must unite to protect our patients. To learn more about the levels of membership and benefits associated with each, view our membership application. To join, simply complete the application and send it to info@rwc340b.org. All potential members must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Members

President:  Shannon Stephenson – Cempa Community Care, Chattanooga, TN

Vice PresidentRob Renzi – Big Bend Cares, Tallahassee, FL

TreasurerMark Malahosky – Trillium Health, Rochester, NY

Secretary:  Michael Lee – Evergreen Health Services, Buffalo, NY

Officer-at-Large:  Max Wilson – CAN Community Health, Sarasota, FL

Officer-at-Large:  John Hassell – AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Officer-at-LargeTony Mills – Men’s Health Foundation, West Hollywood, CA

Officer-at-LargeSean DeYoung – Allies for Health + Wellbeing, Pittsburgh, PA

Past President:   Sara Dingwall