RWC-340B President, Shannon Stephenson, received a response to the May 4th follow-up and original letters sent to Gilead. Click Here to see Gilead’s response, and Click Here to read Shannon’s additional response to Jason Krings.

Key excerpt from RWC-340B Letter:  “The reality is that Ryan White clinics rely heavily on the discounts they receive on Gilead’s drugs to support their mission of caring for patients. Gilead’s recent policy changes threaten that mission. We ask that Gilead reevaluate its policies in light of this letter and RWC-340B’s prior communications. We also ask that Gilead commit to refrain from any further expansion of its “Integrity Initiative” to other drugs and particularly HIV drugs. RWC-340B is committed to continuing its dialogue with Gilead with the hope that the parties can find a better way to protect both Ryan White clinics and their patients from harm.”