The Managing Director of the Ryan White Clinics for 340B Access Coalition (RWC-340B) reports to the Executive Director of United Partners for Human Services (UPHS), the managed service organization for the RWC-340B Coalition.  The Managing Director is responsible for the overall management, administration, fiscal operations, membership development, and delivery of services for the organization.  RWC-340B is a 501(c)(3) membership organization founded in 2014 and is Coalition of HIV/AIDS medical providers receiving support under the Ryan White CARE Act. The CARE Act provides funding for services primarily to poor and/or uninsured people with HIV/AIDS. Ryan White providers are eligible to participate in the federal 340B drug discount program, which enables them to expand and support care.

The Managing Director for RWC-340B works in collaboration with the UPHS Executive Director and the RWC-340B Board of Directors to set the strategic direction and internal organizational policies and is the organization’s chief external spokesperson.

This leadership position requires an experienced executive with extensive nonprofit management experience, understanding the dynamics of advocacy and policy analysis, and experience in member management.  Our ideal candidate would have knowledge of the 340B pharmacy program, federal and state healthcare legislation, Ryan White program, drug pricing and manufacturer issues.

Primary Responsibilities

Board Management & Engagement

  • Collaborates with the UPHS Executive Director and RWC-340B Board of Directors to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan for the organization, with measurable deliverables and outcomes.
  • Works with RWC-340B Treasurer to develop and work within annual budget and three-year financial projections.
  • Work in conjunction with contracted law firm to keep the RWC-340B Board informed about changes in policy and program, legal and economic impacts, and future direction of the organization.
  • Provides professional leadership to the RWC-340B Board Members to assure development of effective and engaged Board, including identification, recruitment, training, and involvement of members in meeting the goals of the organization.
  • Keeps abreast of all policy and legislative issues and alerts members as needed.
  • Attends all RWC-340B Committee and Board Meetings and serves as the official record keeper for minutes, announcements, etc.
    • Coordinates all meeting notices, call-in information, informational packets and distributes accordingly.

Organizational and Financial Management

  • Ensures financial health and stability of the organization.
  • Locates, develops, and pursues new funding opportunities that fit within the mission / vision of the agency.
  • Ensures all deliverables of Benefactor, Members and Stakeholder agreements are reached.
  • Manages budget, and projects effectively with emphasis on controlled expenses.
  • Sets financial priorities in collaboration with UPHS Executive Director ensuring that organizational resources are allocated in a manner that most effectively and efficiently drives progress.
  • Ensures the organization meets compliance, ethical, legal, and regulatory standards while meeting and/or exceeding established outcomes and benchmarks.
  • Supervises volunteer and intern engagement, delegating these tasks clearly to other staff when appropriate.

Leadership and Community Engagement

  • Engages with industry leaders, funders, and other relevant stakeholders to promote the organization’s profile, mission, goals, and advocacy.
  • Ensures and maintains a positive image within the community as a leader of the organization.  Serves as the main spokesperson for the organization and the media.
  • Provides staff and volunteers day-to-day leadership presence.  Leads, coaches, develops, and retains a high-performing team with an emphasis on developing the capacity in key areas, while establishing clear direction of responsibilities, objectives, and goals.
  • Sets example for performance excellence; influential and persuasive; treats staff members, volunteers, partners and members with respect and dignity.
  • Effectively communicates organization’s vision in alignment to strategic plan.  Sets and communicates goals and priorities; develops action plans.  Manages resources and creates contingency plans as necessary.  Practices sound project management, time management, and stress management.
  • Works closely with contracted law firm to update membership on policy issues, manufacturer actions, advocacy initiatives and legislative and judicial updates.
  • Utilizes website and membership software to generate support letters, sign on campaigns and better enable members to contact their elected officials.
  • Is flexible and adapts to circumstances/change.  Can effectively chart course of action during change and manage successful transitions.
  • Travel on behalf of the Coalition to regional and national conferences, as well as organize booth presence.
    • Coordinate and participate in Benefactor events with Members at conferences.

Membership Management

  • Managed the initiation, recruiting, and onboarding new members and benefactors into the organization.
  • Ensure member organizations have a strong voice in shaping strategic direction and are fully engaged in the advocacy efforts of the organization.
  • Remains abreast of trends in membership concerns, needs, and other developments.
  • Implement and manage programs, workshop and training opportunities that meet the needs of members and partners.

Qualifications and Requirements

Education and Experience
4-year degree required with 5+ years of nonprofit management experience.  Knowledge of 340B pharmacy program, federal and state healthcare legislation, Ryan White program, drug pricing and manufacturer issues is encouraged.

Skills and Competencies
Experience with budget oversight and responsibility; Substantial knowledge of the HIV system of care and ecosystem; Experience creating and enhancing relationships with existing/potential partners/funders to ensure current and future funding; Knowledge of grants and public contract process; Familiarity and understanding of data tracking and reporting, contract monitoring, ethical oversight in conformity with rules, expectations and allowable uses of funding; Knowledge of quality assurance practices; Substantial experience in developing program services responsive to members’ needs; Experience in developing a base of community influence, competency in tactful and diligent relationship building, ability to maintain high visibility in the 340B community to advocate for RWC-340B’s mission and its members. Ability to connect and communicate effectively with diverse communities; Experience collaborating with, reporting to, and taking guidance from a Board of Directors; Valid Florida Driver’s License.

Organizational Structure
The Managing Director reports directly to the UPHS Executive Director.

Direct reports to the Managing Director include:

–       Part-Time Administrative Assistant (to be hired)

–       Interns/Volunteers

Competitive salary and benefits package set by UPHS based on experience and agency’s budget and financial condition.  In addition, annual goals are set for the Managing Director and progress is assessed annually by the UPHS Executive Director.

To apply, please email resume and cover letter to amber@uphsfl.org.