The Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA) recently published an update regarding the 340B ceiling price website.  The update announces that HRSA will publish additional pricing data elements in the OPAIS pricing component, in addition to the 340B ceiling price, in order to provide “a more meaningful price in the marketplace and to provide increased transparency of the factors involved in the 340B ceiling price calculation.”  The new data elements displayed for covered entities and manufacturers include:

  • The raw ceiling price (average manufacturer price (AMP) minus the unit rebate amount (URA), before it is rounded to two decimals);
  • The package size;
  • The case pack size; and
  • The package adjusted price (raw ceiling price rounded to six decimal places multiplied by the package size and case package size).

HRSA will publish the package adjusted price to help covered entities understand the price paid in the market for the drug.  Additionally, manufacturers will be able to view the AMP and URA that were used to calculate the published 340B ceiling price for their labeler code.  HRSA also explains and provides examples of when the raw ceiling price will be rounded to only two decimal places instead of six decimal places.

According to HRSA, the new data elements will not affect the manufacturer data upload process, nor will it affect the 340B ceiling price.  HRSA directs stakeholders to OPA’s 340B OPAIS Educational Resource page or the Apexus 340B Prime Vendor website to view newly published FAQs and tutorials.