As representatives of Ryan White clinics participating in the federal 340B discount program, we invite you to join us for an informal dinner and to learn about RWC-340B and its efforts to protect the unique value of the program for the Ryan White clinic community.  Our organizations formed RWC-340B to advocate on 340B-related issues that matter most to Ryan White clinics.

We suspect that your clinics, like ours, have become highly dependent on the 340B program to support clinic services focused on improving access and the quality of care for persons living with HIV.  Faced with unprecedented threats to the program – including efforts by Congress and the Administration to narrow the program (and the use of program income) while doing little to protect clinics from discriminatory payer contracts – the Ryan White clinics must join together and express their concerns with a common voice.

We hope that you can attend the dinner to learn more about the coalition and how your clinic might benefit by becoming a member. Please RSVP to You can download a copy of the invitation here.